Chairman Tate’s lies about what happened in Wisconsin Dells involving Sean Duffy and Dan Mielke

Earlier this week, Mike Tate issued a press release called The Tea Party is Over as the Chairman ranted over an incident that happened at the 2010 Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summit.  As Wisconsin Dells Events reported the incident factually here are some lies Mike Tate said in his press release.

1. Sean Duffy was not involved in any incident.  What Chairman Tate and Communications Director Graeme Zielinski failed to mention that the incident involved Sean’s wife Rachel, who is eight months pregnant.   According to witnesses, Mrs. Duffy had her arm grabbed by Mielke.

2. Chairman Tate also tries to implicate both Mielke and Duffy to certain incidents that happened in Washington, D.C. on the day of the health care vote.  Neither of the two men we’re part of any events in DC or had any direct relation to any people mentioned in the press release.

3.  What the Democratic Party of Wisconsin claimed that both Duffy and Mielke were “each trying to out-do one another in intolerance over what they called the homosexual lifestyle” is an incorrect assertion of the situation.   The main premise is one man only which is Dan Mielke is the center of this whole mess.  The video was a “mockumentary” which was a spoof that Sean and Rachel did on Real World Boston on gay marriage.    Mielke is using the video to rant about Duffy while  giving  cover towards his failing congressional campaign.

Sources close to the incident told Mike Tate Watch that incident started after Mrs. Duffy objected to the video Mielke had at his booth.  The main cause of her objections was  that she had her children with them at the event held in Wisconsin Dells.

As Sean Duffy is giving House Appropriations Committee Chairman Dave Obey the fight for his political life, Chairman Tate and the rest of the DPW cronies will stop at nothing to give cover to the 40-plus year incumbent in Congress.

It is interesting that Chairman Tate  tried to paint Dan Mielke as a victim to Sean Duffy earlier in March indicating that the Dems do not want to have Obey face Duffy.   This episode shows that Mike Tate will keep lying to the media make sure a career politician known as David Obey gets another two years in Congress.


3 responses to “Chairman Tate’s lies about what happened in Wisconsin Dells involving Sean Duffy and Dan Mielke

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  2. 1. If it was truely just a “mockumentory”, a no big deal, then the Duffy’s should have thanked Mielke for showing it. Their ire betrays this as more than what is being said.

    2. The articles that I read state there was only one witness, who said that Dan only barely touched her hand to prevent her from vandalizing his booth.

    3. You are misrepresenting the facts as much as you claim Tate is.

  3. Alfred Childs

    I witnessed the events in question. In fact Dan Mielke was subjected to sophomoric pranks the entire day. The area outside the convention “dome” all the candidates occupied was a tight space. Somehow Dan’s power plug on the computer he had on his table kept “falling” out of the outlet. When Rachel began ripping up parts of Mielke’s table Dan attempted to save his stuff by covering it with his hand. Dan’s hand touched like a quarter of Rachel’s hand for maybe a second. Sean at one point pleaded with Mielke asking him “Dan don’t you believe in forgiveness?” Oh yes Sean Duffy was there and saw it all. Funny Rachel spent the rest of the day in the water park and Sean was nowhere to be found. As a law enforcement officer I am sure he understood that leaving the scene of the crime was the best way to avoid implication.

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