Mike Tate’s silence on Zoo Interchange shows that the DPW Chairman does not want to face the facts.

As Mayor Tom Barrett and his cronies are now launching smoke screens on their responsibility over the Zoo Interchange Debacle, Mike Tate has still not defended Mayor Barrett on the issue.

When the Barrett Campaign distorts the issue and Chairman Tate is busy courting big money DC power brokers to protect his vulnerable candidates, here are the facts why Chairman Tate is remaining silent.

1. Scott Walker as County Executive blew the whistle first on the Zoo Interchange issue long before Mayor Barrett threw his roadblocks on the issue in 2005.  In 2003, Scott Walker said at a Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Meeting that allowing traffic congestion to increase on the Zoo Interchange: “was equivalent to putting our heads in the sand” and said the inaction on the Zoo Interchange ”will have a devestating impact on jobs”(Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 3, 2003).

2. Mayor Barrett is totally lying claiming that Milwaukee County maintains the Zoo Interchange.  It is Wisconsin Department of Transportation that has complete responsibility over the Zoo Interchange. WISDOT has complete responsiblity over the bridges, pavement, and other structures related to the Zoo Interchange.

3. The major issue of the crisis was when Governor Doyle raided $1.2 billion dollars from transportation from the 2005 state budget.  WisDOT Secretary Frank Busalacchi defended the actions saying that transportation fund raids are common practice in other states and applauded the Governor’s actions towards moving the money into education.

4. Mayor Barrett was the one who waffled on his support for the Zoo Interchange.  First, Mayor Barrett in 2005, with his infamous letter opposed the State of Wisconsin from funding the Zoo Interchange. Then in 2009 on a City Council resolution, Barrett supported reconstruction of the Zoo Interchange. This comes six years after Scott Walker first raised the alarm on the Zoo Interchange issue.

5. Mayor Barrett’s Administration seriously obstructed in 2006 to any fast-track plan to improve the Zoo Interchange. The Mayor’s Chief of Staff Patrick Curley said that there was not enough environmental impact studies done by WisDOT.  However, WisDOT official Bruan Manthey said that the Barrett Administration was “premature” on its conclusions.

These five facts show that Chairman Tate is silent on the issue while pimping his big money Founder’s Day Gala coming up on April 10th in Downtown Milwaukee and courting on Congressman Chris Van Hollen to rescue a vulnerable Congressman Steve Kagen.


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