5 Days and Counting. Chairman Tate’s Silence on the Dems Failed DOT Leadership

It has been five days and counting and Chairman Mike Tate is still silent on the Zoo Interchange DOT fiasco that Mike Tate Watch originally reported on March 30thAs now more reports of corruption and bid rigging come afloat from the Madison-Milwaukee high speed rail project, when will Chairman Tate atone for his party’s failed leadership in WisDOT?

What does Chairman Tate have to say to the commuters in Southeast Wisconsin who will have to go through the WisDOT controlled zoo interchange when they have to go up to Appleton, Green Bay, or somewhere this weekend?  How does Chairman Tate atone for Mayor Barrett’s hypocrisy on the Zoo Interchange when he first opposed the Zoo Interchange in 2005 and later supported it in 2009? How do you account to the countless raids Governor Doyle made to the transportation fund in the 2005 state budget which has led us to this mess?  Also, what do you have to say to all the people coming to Brewers opening day when they will have to deal with with what is called the “Barrett Bypass”?

Mike Tate Watch will continue to ask these questions until we see a press release coming from the DPW atoning their conduct over their failed record towards the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in the last eight years.


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