Mike Tate again makes false assertions on Duffy-Mielke incident.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Leadership is again trying to pin Sean Duffy over a reported altercation between Rachel Campos-Duffy and Dan Mielke during the 2010 Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summit after Chris DeRose, the Campaign Manager left the campaign to return back to his law practice in Arizona.

In a previous post, Mike Tate Watch exposed Chairman Tate and his Communications Director lying about the incident.   Now, Chairman Tate and Graeme Zielinski still want to pin the incident on Sean Duffy despite all the newspapers that reported on the incident stated that the matter involved Rachel Campos-Duffy not Sean.  Also, it is more of a political witch-hunt on the part of Tate to ask Duffy where he was when his wife was involved in the reported altercation.  This is untasteful when considering Campos-Duffy will be giving birth to a sixth child soon.

We were able to get hold of the e-mail sent by Chris DeRose to Duffy Supporters which confirms the decision he made had nothing to do with the incident in Wisconsin Dells.  DeRose said in the e-mail below that he waited until a full-time campaign manager was hired which eliminates all speculation that the Dems had of doomsday in the Duffy Camp.  Here is the e-mail we got as follows.  NOTE: Personal information has been redacted in the e-mail before posting.

From: Chris DeRose
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010
Subject: Last day


It is with a very heavy heart that I write to you letting you know that today is my last as campaign manager for Duffy for Congress. 

In July of 2009, I put my law practice in Arizona on hiatus to enter politics full time.  My firm has continued successfully since then, thanks to the heroic efforts of other attorneys and the incredible patience and cooperation of my clients (and more than a few judges). 

Recently, it has become clear to me that my full time, personal attention is required at the firm I began in 2007. 

I had agreed to stay on until Sean could find a new manager.  This process is now complete, freeing me to return to Arizona. 

Particular thanks go to Sean and Rachel for their incredible hospitality in making me feel welcome in the Northwoods, and for their understanding regarding my business obligations to both clients and partners. 

It has been a God given honor and a pleasure working with all of you. 

I believe now more than ever that Sean Duffy will take the oath of office this January, in the largest Republican freshman class in 16 years, and regret that I must now assume a supporting role in that fight.

Until we meet again. 

Let’s roll,


This latest episode shows that Chairman Tate will do anything to speculate that Dave Obey will still be elected in the 7th Congressional District of Wisconsin when nearly sixty percent of Wisconsinites are against the health care reform legislation he supported.   What Mike Tate needs to ask Obey was where was he when he was missing in action during last August’s congressional recess before trying to speculate more on what seemed to be a personal matter between Mrs. Duffy and Dan Mielke.


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