Innuendo filled web ad from Mike Tate and Company against Scott Walker

Just as the evidence against the Wisconsin Democrats is staggering against the Zoo Interchange and their failures at the Department of Transportation, Mike Tate and Company releases a web ad against Scott Walker which is more filled of comedy and innuendo and less on justifying their policy stances.

At the end of the web ad, the Dems asked did Scott Walker drive his Saturn to the Ruth’s Chris Drive-Thru?  Chairman Tate, last we checked there was no Ruth’s Chris location in America has a drive-thru including the Middleton, Wisconsin or Northbrook, Illinois locations.  This ad sounds more like a Saturday Night Live type of ad in which is typical from the youngest state party Chairman in the nation.

As Chairman Tate will throw every known trick in the book to avoid facing his party’s debacle on the Zoo Interchange, the Dems have their own brown bag charade known as the Founder’s Day Gala.  For a party that claims that they are for the working people, $125 is the minimum price to get in the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee to hear from Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on April 10th.    The Wisconsin Reagan Day Dinner hosted by the Milwaukee County Republican Organization earlier this year only was $45 to get in with reduced prices for hard-working students.

This is another example of the Democrats putting their elitist agenda for the few ahead of the overtaxed citizens of Wisconsin who are suffering under the current administration in Madison.


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