The Democrats Big Money Week in Wisconsin

As we approach what will be a big fundraising week for Democrats in Wisconsin,  Mike Tate Watch will be ready to ask the questions the mainstream media will not ask about Chairman Mike Tate courting Democrat Party heavy hitters this week in Milwaukee.

On April 8th, Congressman Steve Kagen will have a champagne and caviar toast with Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen at the Milwaukee Athletic Club. With staggering evidence that Kagen is going to be fund-raising out of his district in order to hold onto his seat in the 8th district, Mike Tate Watch will have a list of questions to ask to both Chairman Tate and Congressman Kagen leading up to the fund-raiser.

Two days later on April 10th, the Democrats will have their annual Founder’s Day (Jefferson-Jackson) Gala in Milwaukee. Chairman Tate is courting Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota raise funds to support what will be more dirty and deceptive messaging from the Chair himself.   As the Founder’s Day Gala comes five days before the Tax Day Tea Party in Madison, we will again ask Chairman Tate to atone his party’s conduct since he became State Chairman last year.

This will not be the last that Mike Tate will be courting heavy hitters to fund struggling campaigns.  Republican sources close to Mike Tate Watch have said that they are expecting that President Obama could be coming to Wisconsin soon to raise money for Tom Barrett and other Democrats in the months ahead.  When these events come up, we will let you know as we will be asking the President too some questions of our own.


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