New Video on Steve Kagen and Mike Tate cow-towing to DC fat cats like Chris Van Hollen

As Congressman Steve Kagen this week is ready to have a caviar and champange toast with Congressman Chris Van Hollen and Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate, here is a new video Mike Tate Watch created with a message for Chairman Tate and Congressman Kagen .

As many other bloggers have picked up the story we first broke about Kagen bringing in the big names to save his campaign, this will not be the last that Kagen will ask the Milwaukee liberal elite to fund his campaign.  Now with word that Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida is now wanting to back Kagen,  could she be the next heavy hitter to come to Wisconsin for Kagen and perhaps Obey and Kind?   Could it be Chuckie Schumer or Dick Durbin that comes next to help Kagen?  Stay tuned.  As when we find out when the next DC heavy hitter comes to Wisconsin to court Wisconsin Dems, we will let you know.


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