Democratic-controlled legislature earns lowest approval rating ever in St. Norbert Poll

Just this morning, the highly respected St. Norbert College Poll came out from the St. Norbert Survey Center.  The poll revealed more bad news for Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate, the Democratic-controlled legislature under Speaker Mike Sheridan and Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker has recorded the lowest approval rating ever in the history of the poll at 32%.

This poll is the grand jury indictment of the failed leadership of Democrat legislators under Chairman Mike Tate.  This poll proves that the people of Wisconsin have had enough with higher taxes, bloated spending, corruption, the lack of transparency, jobs moving to other states, and Chicago-style politics seeping into Madison.   It has been also noted in the poll that the since Democrats had all the control of the legislature in 2009 that they could not crack past 50 percent on its approval rating.

As Chairman Mike Tate is going to court Democrat heavy hitters like Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell this weekend who has serious ethics issues, Tate needs to explain to the people of Wisconsin of what he plans to do to hold his party accountable.  If he does not, expect the people of Wisconsin to send a strong message to Chairman Tate at the polls on November 2nd.


2 responses to “Democratic-controlled legislature earns lowest approval rating ever in St. Norbert Poll

  1. Graeme Zielinski

    I applaud that you say, “Democratic,” instead of “Democrat.” That’s progress.

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