Questions for Chairman Tate before Kagen’s champange and caviar toast with Milwaukee and Madison liberals.

As we approach Steve Kagen’s big fundraisers in Milwaukee and Madison on April 8th, Mike Tate Watch has some serious questions to ask Chairman Mike Tate coming into two big money fundraisers held at the Milwaukee Athletic Club and the Madison Club.  These are some questions that most in the mainstream media in Wisconsin will not ask.  We are asking these questions on behalf of the great people of Wisconsin.

3. During the final days before the health care vote, media in Northeast Wisconsin had serious questions to ask the Congressman on the health care vote only to find out that Kagen’s congressional staffers in Appleton and Green Bay refused to take media requests. One instance was documented when a WBAY-TV reporter was turned away by staffers in his Green Bay office which was caught on tape. How do you Chairman Tate, tolerate Congressman Kagen and his staff to not be up front to the people and the media in the 8th district who wanted to really know what was in the health care bill leading up to the final vote in the House?

4. As you and your hired hack ally Tom Sieber of the Brown County Democratic Organization praise Congressman Kagen, how do you tolerate the Congressman courting donors in Massachusetts, DC, and in Southern Wisconsin to fund his re-election bid when he really thinks that he represents the best interests of the 8th Congressional District?  Do you consider the Congressman bought and paid by the DC special interests?

5. As you will be courting Democratic heavy hitters to Wisconsin like Chris Van Hollen, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, and New York Senator Chuck Schumer to fund your party that is losing popularity with the citizens of Wisconsin, can you still defend the record of Congressman Kagen against a slate of quality GOP Challengers like Reid Ribble, and Terri McCormick for example who better represent the 8th District’s interests?

As tomorrow will also be a big day with the Badgers playing in the Frozen Four Semifinals, we decided to get these questions off our chests before the big game.  We are looking forward to your response Chairman Tate to these questions if you are willing to respond.


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