Charlie Sykes on Graeme Zielinski

Before we get to the main point of the story, Mike Tate nor Graeme Zielinski answered our questions about Steve Kagen cow-towing to liberal special interests like Chris Van Hollen with a champagne and caviar toast with wealthy liberals yesterday in Milwaukee.   Mike Tate Watch will continue to ask these questions until we see a press release or something answering our questions.

Moving on, if you want to know how Zielinski was as a journalist, here is something we found from the Charlie Sykes Show about how Graeme Zielinski and his days back at the Journal Sentinel. It talks about what Mike Tate does not want you to know about his Communications Director.  After you listen, you will know why the DPW’s press releases look very amateur.


3 responses to “Charlie Sykes on Graeme Zielinski

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  2. Graeme Zielinski

    Hey, if Charlie Sykes would let me on his show, I would go in a heartbeat to talk about his serial lying. The truth is, he won’t. I have tried and tried. Maybe you guys could put in a good word?

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