Mike Tate Watch on the Move

In the first couple weeks Mike Tate Watch has been up, the site been making an impact.  We were the first blog to break the story about Steve Kagen cow-towing to Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen in a planned fundraiser with the Milwaukee liberal elite.  This was picked up by the Try 2 Foucs and FoxPolitics.net blogs.

As we approach more action packed moments down the stretch, we will not be intimidated and we will continue to cover the stories involving Chairman Tate and his operatives until they are held accountable.    Some left wing bloggers think its sick to put a site about the DPW Chairman, but when you have a mainstream media that does not want to hold Tate accountable for his childish actions someone has to hold ’em accountable.

Keep checking our twitter feed at @miketatewatch and our new You Tube channel for the latest updates.   Thank you to the many readers who are looking at our blog as the first source in uncovering the most controversial  Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman ever, Mike Tate.


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