Mike Tate and Company downplaying the political climate at the Founder’s Day Gala.

Chairman Mike Tate of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin held his own brown bag charade known as the Founder’s Day Gala last night in Milwaukee.  Mike Tate told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,  ““I don’t hear any worry in this room.”

Chairman Tate had the audacity to make that statement when the recent spring elections are a sign of bad news for incumbents in which most are from his party that are seeing their political careers on life support.  The very respected Larry Sabato says that there could be a strong possibility Democrats may lose all the contested governor’s races in the Upper Midwest.  Sources close to Mike Tate Watch have said when you look at the internal polls of key Democrats like Steve Kagen and Dave Obey, their numbers are horrible especially with independent voters.

RPW Chairman Reince Priebus said this best about the Founder’s Day Gala: ““Democrats spent Saturday evening raising campaign cash and conspiring as to how they could best spin their record on the health care debacle and massive new government spending and debt in an attempt to win over skeptical Wisconsin voters.  They can explain away all day, but the Democrats’ problem continues to be that they haven’t been listening to the American people.”

If Mike Tate thinks no one is worried, he better be checking the polls as now new polls show Tom Barrett down double digits. If they don’t, both Chairman Tate and Graeme Zielinski will find their ignorance as bliss and will see it end on November 2nd when the voters are going to give the incumbents a pink slip.


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