Scott Walker makes Mike Tate and DPW eat their words with a $8.9 million budget surplus!!!

If you were Mike Tate saying to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that there was no worry in the room on Saturday night at the DPW Founder’s Day Gala, he may want to re-consider what he said to the state’s largest newspaper.   The reconsideration should come as today, 2010 GOP Governor Candidate Scott Walker made the very tough decisions and led Milwaukee County into the black with a $8.9 million budget dollar surplus for 2009!!!

When the Democrats are continuing their spending binge including $800 million dollars for a high speed train in which other train makers are raising issue of corruption, Scott Walker stood up to the extreme left-wing special interests and made the tough decisions to keep Milwaukee County in the black.   Scott Walker will continue his commitment to the taxpayers if he is elected Governor, as he proudly signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge .    This gives the taxpayers confidence that his commitment to not raise taxes is in writing while the Democrats will still continue their tax and spend, class warfare agenda.

With respected political analysts like Larry Sabato see the Wisconsin Governor’s race leaning red, maybe its time for Mike Tate and Graeme Zielnski to get a reality check.  Their arrogance and ignorance will be a reason why the Democrats may see a good old-fashioned butt kicking at the polls this November.


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