Is Mike Tate running out of options early in the Governor’s race to attack Scott Walker?

So as Scott Walker proven again to the taxpayers of Milwaukee he can balance the budget without raising taxes with a $8.9 million dollar surplus, well the Dems usually known for rapid response were slow to react when the announcement came on Monday.  Before Chairman Tate and Graeme Zielinski could react to the ad, the hyper-partisan One Wisconsin Now and Milwaukee County First reacted by spewing their classic so-called progressive class warfare rhetoric.  When Graeme Zielinski issued Mike Tate’s statement, it indicated from the DPW’s delayed response that Chairman Tate is running out of options to go after Scott Walker.

The statement from Chairman Tate was very misleading with not one reference to substantiate their claims.  One, all the pension obligations were Tom Ament’s problem and Scott Walker had nothing to do with the unfunded pension obligations.  Second, Mike Tate tried to imitate the GOP playbook and said that Walker signed job-killing tax increases into law.  That was false.  The only reason it became law is of the countless veto overrides the arrogant County Board did on Scott Walker. We could see more during the course of the campaign for the Democrats to misrepresent the veto overrides in campaign advertisements and press releases.

In the spirit of the NHL playoffs starting this week and the Badgers Frozen Four run, Mike Tate and Company cannot swipe the hockey puck away from Scott Walker as they have to basically body check him in order to attack.  Also, with Tate being desperate, is he going to call the likes of Scot Ross at One Wisconsin Now and Chris Liebenthal to be the extra attackers on the ice when he knows already he is running out of options to effectively attack Walker.

You can expect now to that the Dems will use every sleaze tactic in the playbook as this is starting to feel similar to last year’s gubernatorial election in Virginia.  During last year’s election in Virginia, Creigh Deeds could not overcome the staggering momentum Bob McDonnell had after last June’s Democratic primary.  Deeds was desperate in which he engaged in one of the most dirty and negative gubernatorial campaigns in American history by directing very vile, personal attacks towards McDonnell and his family.

Mike Tate after his latest flap can be regarded as the Alfred E. Neumann of Wisconsin politics.  That means giving his dirty agenda with a deceptive smile that has no regard for the truth or Wisconsin values.  James Wigderson put a picture up of the famous MAD Magazine character in one his articles to show why Tate doesn’t have a grip on the issues affecting the Governor’s race.


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