Mike Tate and Graeme Zielinski are lying again about Sean Duffy.

So the Alfred E. Neuman of Wisconsin politics, DPW Chairman Mike Tate is still evading the truth involving Sean Duffy and his wife Rachel Campos-Duffy. If Mike Tate could wipe that Mad Magazine smile off his face, and start listening to the truth about Sean Duffy that Mike Tate Watch has reported.

First, doesn’t Chairman Tate know how the Federal Election Commission reporting system works.  After contacting  and confirming information with the Federal Election Commission, the Duffy Campaign does not have to disclose anyone who has donated more than $200 in one year.  However, at the time of the donation, every campaign must ask the donors to disclose their name, contact information, and employer which the Duffy Campaign does when they take a donation.  The ridiculous claims from Chairman Tate come as he is jealous over the large amount of small dollar donors coming to the campaign.

Second, Sean Duffy had nothing to do with the incident involving Daniel Mielke and Rachel Campos-Duffy.   There was nothing reported in any of news sources of Sean Duffy leaving the incident scene as the incident again involves Mrs. Duffy and not the congressional candidate.

Third, Mike Tate Watch got hold of a e-mail that stated that Chris DeRose left the campaign to re-attend to his law practice and had nothing to do with the conduct of the Duffy Campaign.

We have in a previous post have a podcast link to Graeme Zielinski’s unprofessional conduct at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel from our good friends at the Charlie Sykes Show. Maybe its indication that Zielinski is sensationalizing the story when the word is that Obey is in deep trouble according to internal polling against Sean Duffy.

As Sean and Rachel are celebrating the birth of their sixth child both Chairman Tate and Graeme Zielinski deserve to owe both Mr. and Mrs. Duffy the truth and give them the respect they deserve after Rachel gave birth to a sixth child as they seem to attack the Duffy family.


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