We are calling for Chairman Mike Tate’s resignation for engaging in race card politics.

As Mike Tate Watch was at the Tax Day Tea Party in Madison, we need to report on a more serious issue.  Mike Tate Watch joins Duffy for Congress campaign manager Matt Seaholm in calling for Chairman Mike Tate to resign from his position as the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.   On our way to Madison on Wednesday night, we got hold of the Duffy Campaign press release from the Campaign Manager calling for the Chairman’s resignation.

This is the second time Chairman Tate in the past year has engaged in race card politics that are emblematic of the Chicago way of politics.  The latin slurs that were used by Chairman Tate and Graeme Zielinski are an insult to the Sean Duffy and his wife Rachel Campos-Duffy.  The State Chairman was exposed by Charlie Sykes last September for using racial slurs in a campaign fundraising e-mail in which hours after the story broke on the show that Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus called on Governor Doyle and Lieutenant Governor Lawton to hold the Chairman accountable.

Mike Tate already in his tenure as the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin through his conduct has became one of the most radical political party leaders ever in the state’s history.  Mike Tate in his history in politics has led some of the worst poltiical campaign efforts in state history including his stint as Chairman at Fair Wisconsin in which the voters of Wisconsin on a close to 2 to 1 margin in 2006 rejected his very dirty messaging as traditional marriage was upheld when a ballot question was presented to the people.

Chairman Tate needs to understand that the people that did not stand for his dirty messaging in 2006 will soon in November give him a louder message that Wisconsin is not standing behind him one bit.   Lastly, please call the Democratic Party of Wisconsin at (608) 255-5172 and tell Chairman Tate to stop using the race card to attack politicians. 


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