By dumping Tim Carpenter from a committee chairmanship, Mike Tate proves that blue dogs and moderates are not welcome in his party.

Since his election as State Chairman last year, Mike Tate has proven already that he is a hyper-partisan party chairman and now one of the most radical political party leaders in Wisconsin history.  Recently, the Democratic legislative leadership stripped Tim Carpenter from a committee chairmanship over his support to repeal the minimum mark-up law for prescription drugs.

Carpenter said in a written statement: “Once again, Senate leadership will not allow bills that are very important to my constituents to come before the Senate for a vote,” said the State Senator.  “They can take away my committee chairmanship, but my constituents expect me to stand up and fight for them, and I will continue to do so.”

This is the second time during Tate’s tenure as Chair that he has allowed legislative leadership to purge blue dogs from committee chair posts for doing the right thing for the people of Wisconsin.  Last year, Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan stripped Bob Ziegelbauer, a Maintowoc Democrat, from being the Chairman of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee for voting to zero fund abortion for Wisconsin hospitals accepting Medicaid budgets via an amendment.

These two actions prove that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin under Mike Tate has moved away from the mainstream and became more of an extreme left wing faction.   These actions could be a reason why more moderate and “blue-dog” Democrat supporters are going to stay home at the polls this year or they are gonna vote for the GOP.


3 responses to “By dumping Tim Carpenter from a committee chairmanship, Mike Tate proves that blue dogs and moderates are not welcome in his party.

  1. The last time I checked, Mike Tate wasn’t in the Wisconsin State Senate, so I fail to see how he’s responsible for what happened to Tim Carpenter. Maybe you think Mike Tate’s actually running the entire State of Wisconsin from DPW headquarters, but reality’s a different story.

  2. Excuse me Zach, the reality is a state party chairman calls the shots for the legislative leaders. When Mike Sheridan and Russ Decker have to raise money from the big labor unions, they have to do as what the Chairman says. If that means Tate asks them to purge blue-dogs and moderates, they will do that to cling onto campaign cash from big labor.

  3. Dear Friends-

    Sad. Looks that way all over. I feel that the voters who are conservative Democrat like myself will vote Republican for a long time. In light of the way spending is out of control, not winning the war, and Socialism in government. I say VOTE CONSERVATIVE AS DEMOCRATS! TAKE BACK OUR PARTY!!!

    With respect,
    Robert Jones
    The Catholic American

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