Mike Tate’s RPW Convention stunt proves they are out of plays in their playbook.

This morning, Mike Tate Watch got an e-mail about Mike Tate’s planned publicity stunt at the 2010 Republican Party of Wisconsin State Covention next month.  The e-mail tells their activists and their friends to come up with a slogan for their so-called “Bag Scott Walker Campaign”

The DPW did it after Scott Walker was the first to encourage his campaign activists to come up with the newest Brown Bag Movement slogan.  This latest campaign shows the the DPW has nothing original to run on and they are perhaps running out of plays in their playbook way too early.  Sort of resembles the Nashville Preadtors sloppy penalty killing in the NHL playoffs.

Here is  the e-mail we got from the DPW with all contact information redacted:
Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Despite being exposed as a hypocrite by the Associated Press, Scott Walker has continued his brown bag charade across the state.

Will you help us expose the real Scott Walker by submitting a new slogan for BagScottWalker.com?

Scott Walker says he packs a brown bag lunch, but he has spent over $24,000 on fancy dinners for himself and his fat cat donors. He says he is for regular working people in Wisconsin, yet his own tax plan gives big tax giveaways to the wealthiest 1% and to huge corporations trying to duck paying their fair share.

Help us expose the real Scott Walker by submitting your slogan onwww.bagscottwalker.com/contest today.

Here is how the contest works:

  • Submit your best Bag Scott Walker slogan by May 3rd, 2010
  • After all the submissions are received, we’ll let you vote for your favorite slogan from May 5th to May 17th
  • The winning slogan will be announced on May 21 — the date of the 2010 Republican State Convention
  • At the 2010 Republican State Convention we will update BagScottWalker.com with the new slogan and pass out new “Bag Scott Walker” brown bags with your slogan printed on them
Please visit www.bagscottwalker.com/contest to submit your slogan describing how Scott Walker is a politician that Wisconsin families just can’t trust.

Thank you for your support and time, you can help us by inviting your friends, neighbors, and family members to join us exposing the real Scott Walker.


Mike Tate
Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin


2 responses to “Mike Tate’s RPW Convention stunt proves they are out of plays in their playbook.

  1. Graeme Zielinski

    Way to go with the NHL playoffs reference! Devastating stuff.

  2. Do you care to rewind the tape from last November’s Governor election in Virginia in which the DNC and the DGA burned money like rubber?

    This is becoming similar to last year in Virginia, result=Creigh Deeds suffers worst butt kicking in Virginia history.

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