Statement on the end of the legislative session.

As the Wisconsin Legislature ended its 2009-2010 session on Thursday, the Democrats in control of both houses left a negative legacy that has put the State of Wisconsin backwards instead of forwards.  From seeing employers such as Gardner Denver and Briggs and Stratton move to other states and over 174,000 jobs lost in this legislative session alone, the Democrats have failed in advancing our state’s economy when other states like Indiana and Texas have moved ahead.

When St. Norbert College released a poll earlier this month showing that the Democratic-controlled legislature under Russ Decker and Mike Sheridan earned the lowest approval rating ever in the history of the poll at 32 percent, this proves that the people have had enough of the failed policies and class warfare politics in Wisconsin.

On the last day of the legislative session, the taxpayers took some consolation in using their voices to defeat the unpopular global warming and RTA bills.  Also, the sham elections overhaul bill did not see the light of day.  With these bills being dead on arrival in the State Senate, it shows that the taxpayers of Wisconsin sent a message that they have had enough of higher taxes, social engineering, and polarizing politics.

Chairman Mike Tate needs to explain to any of the 174,000 people who were unemployed during this legislative session if his party’s policies have made them better off now then close to two years ago.   If he cannot, the people of Wisconsin will be anxious to head to the ballot box six months from now and hold accountable the politicians that have created this mess.


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