Creigh “Dirty” Deeds mentor to speak at the 2010 WI Democratic Convention

Yesterday, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin released its list of speakers for its 2010 State Convention which will be in June at the Marriott Madison West in Middleton.  The keynote speaker is the mentor to 2009 Virginia Democratic Governor nominee Creigh Deeds, former Governor Tim Kaine.

We all know Creigh Deeds led one of the most negative gubernatorial campaigns in U.S. history with his dirty and deceptive messaging last year in which he bred off of former Governor Kaine.   Now with Kaine who serves as the DNC Chairman, what type of extravagant, dirty, and deceptive messaging will Chairman Tate offer to impress the brass at the DNC?   How serious the media will report on the DNC Chairman coming into Wisconsin?  Not that serious, when Mike Tate Watch has confirmed with various media outlets across Wisconsin that they are skeptical of picking up any sensationalized press release Graeme Zielinksi writes.  The message we were told by reporters in Wisconsin is that they consider Graeme Zielinksi a big time liability to the DPW.

Maybe we will hear more nonsense attacks towards Scott Walker and Sean Duffy in which the mainstream media will treat more of Governor Kaine’s visit as comedy and less as serious politics.


2 responses to “Creigh “Dirty” Deeds mentor to speak at the 2010 WI Democratic Convention

  1. Graeme Zielinski

    Do you know a way that I can get my Google alerts to stop directing me to your project here? (And no hard feelings. I don’t take what some kid who isn’t from my state says seriously, though we can agree on Badgers hockey.)

  2. I just can’t help but wonder how seriously the mainstream media takes someone who uses a tater tot reference in regards to Mike Tate.

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