Chairman Tate is delusional about Sean Duffy and Job Creation

Today, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate has now acted a bit delusional about Sean Duffy and the stimulus. In another extravagant press release, Mike Tate stated:

Has Sean Duffy turned a corner to supporting the working families of Wisconsin?

If his comments this week in support of economic stimulus provisions authored by Congressman Dave Obey are any indication, there may be hope yet for the Republican challenger.

On Tuesday, Duffy released a statement in which he said, “Jobs are created by individuals and by the small businesses that are looking to grow…By focusing on middle class tax cuts and reducing government regulations and taxation of small businesses, we can get the economy growing again.”

And that’s exactly what Congressman Obey has done-DPW Press Release.

Sean Duffy has been opposed to the $787 million dollar stimulus all throughout this Congressional campaign. Just because Duffy  says middle class, doesn’t say he supports the stimulus bill.

Maybe after our blog posts exposing Chairman Tate’s lies on Sean Duffy, the youngest Democrat Party Chairman in the nation may be turning more delusional by the day to not admit the fact many political handicappers have the race leaning Republican.

Chairman Tate will do anything to score a fast goal on the Wisconsin people when already people in the 7th district think of him as another Vancouver Canuck reject who does not represent Wisconsin values.


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