Our response to The Chief

For those left-wing bloggers who are trying to call us sick or obsessed with Mike Tate, you have a problem.  The purpose of Mike Tate Watch since the blog started is to expose and hold accountable Chairman Mike Tate and his cronies when the mainstream media fails to do its mission.  The problem in Wisconsin is Chairman Tate gets a free pass on accountability from the mainstream media.  That does not sit well with the people of Wisconsin who demand accountability of their political leaders.

Since we have started this blog, Mike Tate Watch was first on:

  • Exposing a champagne and caviar fundraiser with Congressmen Steve Kagen and Chris Van Hollen.
  • Exposing Chairman Tate’s lies on Sean Duffy.
  • Demanding Tate’s resignation as State Chairman after we exposed the chairman using racial references in a press release.
  • Reporting on Graeme Zielinski’s unprofessional conduct with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel before joining the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

The Chief can run on his charades, but he can’t hide from the truth.  We will continue to report and do our duty for the people of Wisconsin until the day he is held accountable .

It is not being sick or overly-obsessed with someone when you learn to counter the Alinsky playbook.  Its what the people of Wisconsin expect against radical political figures like Mike Tate who need to be checked.

Also, our style of journalism comes from the Chicago-style of news reporting.  That is you do not go after just the politicians, you go after their top brass too.  We are inspired by the greatest news anchors in Chicago including Ron Magers and Carol Marin who were not afraid to go after the party bosses too along with the politicians.  That element is missing from journalists in Wisconsin.  We are proud of what we accomplished so far and we will not stop to provide the truth that Wisconsin wants.


11 responses to “Our response to The Chief

  1. Keep up the good work. Best new political blog in Wisconsin during this election cycle. Someone has to hold The Leader accountable.

  2. Thank you Jay for the excellent feedback.

  3. I’d ignore The Chief and all his left wing loser cronies.

    They don’t have standards for their leadership, ethics don’t matter, only pushing the agenda.

  4. Irony is Fred attacking anyone for a lack of ethics and for “pushing the agenda,” considering he’s as rabidly partisan and classless as anyone.

  5. Mirror Zach?

    I don’t resort to personal attacks like you do.

    Pot, kettle.

  6. Yeah, “inhuman piece of crap” isn’t a personal attack, right Fred?

    You’re a joke.

  7. Have an issue with the truth? As usual you don’t tell the whole story and refuse to accept responsibility for your own bad behavior.

    You never do.

    I guess the truth hurts too much.

  8. By the way Zach, I called you an inhuman piece of crap in a private email (Because you acted like one).

    I didn’t choose to spread that around the internet, you did that.

    I don’t make those kinds of attack posts like you do so often.

    Maybe if you could have put aside your partisan hatred for one second and shown a fellow human being an ounce of compassion…

    Go ahead play your games.

  9. Fred, develop a thicker skin. Everything I’ve written about you (which isn’t much) has been factually accurate.

    Have a great day!

  10. Zach, admit the truth, you are a misleading liar.

  11. John: We are not going to allow you to post your lies on the comment section or tell us how we conduct our business here. Go take your lies somewhere else.

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