A little quote from J.C. Watts on Democrats like Mike Tate

When we look at our accomplishments, we know someone will try to knock us off.  Here is one good quote former Oklahoma Football legend and Congressman J.C. Watts said:

“When Democrats don’t win on the issues, they will call you a liar, a racist, a bigot, or they will sue you.”

This quote motivates us here at Mike Tate Watch.  This reminds us of what the left will do to us when our message wins with the the Wisconsin people.

As we returned from an excellent evening dinner with former Senator Rick Santorum at the Frontier Airlines Center for Wisconsin Right to Life, we are reminded of this quote J.C. Watts says about what can happen down the road.

We are ready and we are fired up from Senator Sanatorum’s inspirational message to take back Wisconsin.   This means we will do as our Founding Fathers want us to do, speak with the truth and with conviction.

Chairman Mike Tate will say or do anything to hold onto power in the next six months.  You can count us at Mike Tate Watch to continue to expose and hold accountable Chairman Tate and his cronies.   Mike Tate can run, but he cannot hide from the truth.


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