Mike Tate and Wisconsin Democrats are passing the buck on Harley Davidson

As the news over the past week surrounds Harley Davidson shipping more jobs out of state due to the high taxes in Wisconsin, Chairman Mike Tate and the rest of the Democratic Party are passing the buck around for taking responsibility on this impending economic disaster.

This last week, Chairman Tate attacked Scott Walker over the Harley Davidson situation in a press release to hide the fact that the Democrats new combined reporting taxes in the past legislative session may be the reason why over 1,300 Wisconsin jobs could be leaving .  Chairman Tate falsely accused the Walker Campaign of supporting jobs that benefit their donors.  Tate is deflecting the truth when you have two train companies that have found evidence of the Doyle Administration rigging the Talgo deal, especially one that is not a donor to the Walker Campaign.

When Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett issued his press release on Friday,  it can be interpreted from his statement that he is downplaying the Harley situation.   Despite the Mayor mentions all the other companies like Republic Airways, Direct Supply, and many others he claimed to grow in Milwaukee, all of that will go for nothing if Milwaukee loses Harley Davidson.

If Mayor Barrett and Chairman Tate thinks that they will get Harley Davidson going again, then they need to act like real adults and take responsibility for supporting tax policies that kill Wisconsin jobs.   Mayor Barrett and Chairman Tate need to explain to any of the 174,000 Wisconsinites who lost their jobs in the past legislative session that their policies made them better off now than at the beginning of the legislative session in January of 2009.    If they do not, then their actions would concur judgment with how the Governor and the Legislature in this past session earned the lowest approval ratings in state history.

Today, we are six months away from election day.  If Chairman Tate and Mayor Barrett continue to pass the buck on Harley, then come November 2nd the voters will show up at the ballot box all across Wisconsin to vote out the incumbents who created this mess in the first place.


2 responses to “Mike Tate and Wisconsin Democrats are passing the buck on Harley Davidson

  1. A recent analysis found a number of significant “cost gaps” that must be filled for the company to remain competitive, Harley spokesman Bob Klein said. The largest gaps involved labor costs and scheduling flexibility, Klein said.

    Funny….I don’t see “high taxes” mentioned once in the article you cited. Where exactly did Harley blame high taxes?

    Oh wait, that was you making stuff up.

  2. No Zach, the Harley spokesman is mentioning cost gaps as a way to not mention high taxes. Labor costs are increased by higher taxes. Scheduling flexibility going to be determined as the company is going to offer less jobs that will happen because of higher taxes.

    Get beyond what the paparazzi’s at Channel 12 tell you. These are measures companies are taking if they are in a higher tax state like Wisconsin.

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