A note to our readers

As the Lora Rae Anderson situation is losing meaning as a substantive political issue in Wisconsin, Mike Tate Watch has deleted all posts regarding the subject and deciding to not report further on this matter.  Our basis for the decision is that what was supposed to be a simple news subject has became a issue blown out of proportion by other bloggers who have been seeking to find gains on the issue.

We first reported on the situation after Chairman Tate was engaging in press release politics to score cheap political points on the situation when he knew his party is down in the polls.  On the other hand, many others have seen this situation as their domain to spew the ideological garbage towards those involved in the center right movement.   This is why the issue lost its meaning as a substantive issue.  In the best interests of discussing the real issues at hand, we decided to take down all three related posts in regards to Ms. Anderson and the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans.

Thank you for your understanding to this matter and for your continued readership on Mike Tate Watch.


2 responses to “A note to our readers

  1. John: We are not going to allow you to spew your lies about this subject on the comments section. Go take your lies somewhere else.

  2. Thank you Kyle. Whenever I want to know what ideological garbage looks like I come to Mike Tate Watch for guidance.

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