Mike Tate’s desperation to hold Obey’s seat.

Hours after Dave Obey announced his retirement from Congress, Mike Tate Watch got hold of a fundraising e-mail from the DPW showing its desperation to keep the seat blue.    That desperation resembles how Illinois Democrats are trying to keep Obama’s old Senate seat blue.  The big similarity is whoever the Democrat is in the two races we mentioned are facing very strong Republican challengers.  We can expect the desperation tactics to increase in the last six months of the election from the Wisconsin Democrats as their challenger will have a strong fundraising disadvantage against Sean Duffy and the well-funded National Republican Congressional Committee.

Here is the email below:

Today, Wisconsin hero Congressman Dave Obey announced that he will be retiring from the United States Congress. Congressman Obey has been a true advocate for Wisconsin families, fighting for affordable healthcare, family-supporting jobs, and a strong education for every child in Wisconsin. His record of standing up for Wisconsin values in Washington is unparalleled and we are proud to have called him our Congressman.
Despite Congressman Obey’s record of fighting for Wisconsin values, Republicans like Sean Duffy, Sarah Palin and their Tea Party cohorts are vowing to defeat a Democrat in the 7th District this year.

We need your support to ensure that Congressman Obey’s legacy stands strong in the future and so we can stand up to the Tea Party and tell them that their values have no place in Wisconsin.

Please donate now by visiting wisdems.org/contribute.
We cannot do this without you, please help us keep the 7th blue!


Mike Tate
Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

2 responses to “Mike Tate’s desperation to hold Obey’s seat.

  1. Kyle, you might want to grab a dictionary and look at the differences between “desperate” and “determined.” Tate gets paid to make sure the seat stays with the Dems.

  2. Grumps, lets take into account that whoever the Dems anoint as their candidate will only have close to 60 days from now to get the required number of signatures to qualify for ballot access.

    July 13 at 5PM CT is the official deadline to qualify for ballot access. This is for all races including U.S. Congress in the 7th District. This is why I used the word desperation instead of determination because of the short amount of time Chairman Tate has left to get someone on the ballot.

    This link above explains the steps for ballot access.

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