Statement on the retirement of Congressman Dave Obey

As Congressman Dave Obey announced his retirement today after 41 years as the Congressman for the 7th Congressional District of Wisconsin, the retirement is indication of the very rough waters Wisconsin Democrats will face on the 2010 ballot.

Congressman Obey who wrote the stimulus bill that was unpopular with the people of Wisconsin found out that retirement was his only option out as his poll numbers were dropping.  This retirement should send a message to Mike Tate and the Wisconsin Democratic Party that the people of Wisconsin are not standing behind their party’s extreme left-wing policies.

Other Democrats including Steve Kagen and Ron Kind should take notice that the same discontent in the 7th Congressional District is evident in every corner in Wisconsin from LaCrosse to Appleton and is going down the ballot to state legislative and other local races  too.

Today’s news should indicate that the people of Wisconsin are anxious to head to the ballot box on November 2nd to replace the current political class with leaders that understand the people and deliver results.


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