More people agree that Dems are passing the buck on Harley

As Mike Tate Watch was one of the first blogs to expose the Democrats in Wisconsin passing the buck on Harley, more posts on the web suggest the same thinking we have on the situation.

The Sun Prairie Star scolds Mayor Tom Barrett for not taking enough aggressive leadership on the issue in which could cost over 1,500 good paying Wisconsin jobs.  Our friends at the MacIver Institute have a great piece exposing that its the combined reporting tax legislative Democrats approved in 2009  is putting Harley Davidson in this precarious situation. Also, MacIver exposes that the higher taxes are indeed the labor costs that Harley Davidson executives are mentioning in whether to keep jobs in Wisconsin.  The Hispanic Conservative did a sit down interview with GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker in which Walker mentioned excessive taxation, litigation, and regulation as the three main causes as why Harley’s future in Wisconsin is in doubt.

No matter how the left wing bloggers will spin the Harley situation to avoid the cold hard facts, the real truth is that excessive taxation, litigation, and regulation are three big systemic cancers Harley is fighting right now to remain in the Badger State.   The posts prove already that Democrats like Tom Barrett fail to take responsibility for their party making Wisconsin’s economic future more bleak.

Therefore, we ask Chairman Mike Tate of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to talk to any of the 1,300-plus workers who may see their job get shipped out to Georgia, Texas, or Nevada and ask if their party’s policies are better off now than at the beginning of the last legislative session?  The answers that Chairman Tate and Democrats may get could be a rude awakening of what may lie ahead at the ballot box on November 2nd.


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