Mike Tate desperatley attacks Ron Johnson before he announces his candidacy.

Just before potential U.S. Senate candidate  Ron Johnson has issued any campaign press release of any kind, Chairman Mike Tate issued a press release on Friday attacking him.

As Johnson hired Darrin Schmitz and Juston Johnson to lead his campaign, this  does not entitle Chairman Tate to link Johnson to an isolated incident that the Oshkosh businessman has no relation to.  Tate claimed Johnson is hiring a “hatchet job operative” in Schmitz over a campaign ad the communications consultant produced for Mike Gableman in the 2008 State Supreme Court race.

The attack indicates that Chairman Tate is stretching the truth in desperation.  Ron Johnson could be the Democrats worst nightmare  as he has the resources and a true, clean break to defeat Russ Feingold if he decides to run.  Many political experts including Dick Morris believe if a quality candidate emerges in Wisconsin to challenge Feingold, then it could be the breakthrough seat for the GOP to retain control of the U.S. Senate.

Tate’s slippery slope attack indicates that the Democrats will have uphill fight to maintain control this year across the entire ticket.   Dave Obey’s retirement on Wednesday proves that the task to maintain control will not get any easier in the last six months before election day.


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