The party bosses in Madison and D.C. may decide who runs against Sean Duffy

Two days since Dave Obey announced his retirement, there are reports surfacing that the person that may get picked to challenge Obey could come down to the Democratic Party power brokers in Washington, D.C. and Madison.

In Wednesday’s edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said to the newspaper that he wants to do all he can to avoid a September primary to decide the nominee. With the tip of the hat to Uppity Wisconsin, they have mentioned a WisPolitics report that indicates Congressman Chris Van Hollen and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee may have the ultimate say on who challenges Sean Duffy.  What Congressman Van Hollen does to pick a challenger will come to the royal assent of Mr. Obey.

From these two reports, we can tell that the challenger to Sean Duffy on the Democratic side may be decided by Illinois-style patronage politics.  This type of maneuver could cause a big uproar between party activists at next month’s state convention in Middleton.   The convention delegates may not be happy that the party insiders will be making the decision on who to support in which voters and convention delegates who reside in the 7th Congressional District should be able to decide.

This issue is one of many issues Chairman Tate needs to answer at next month’s state convention.  When you have a party that is divided on reforming Milwaukee Public Schools, a lieutenant governor sweepstakes in limbo, and the possibility that the replacement to the Wisconsin Democrats standard bearer is picked by D.C. insiders shows that there are serious issues evident in the DPW.

We are only two months and six days away from the filing deadline for congressional candidates.  Only time will tell what  happens in these waiting days on not who just challenges Sean Duffy, but who is going to come through with the highest gratification to the DNC and DCCC brass in return for their anointed candidate.


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