They said it on Madison and Washington insiders holding the cards on who challenges Duffy.

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a new article going in-depth about Sean Duffy, we got hold of a comment from Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin State Director Mark Block which further concurs our judgment that Sean Duffy’s challenger may be decided by the boys in the backroom.  Here is what Block has to say:

“Watch as the Democrat Party chooses it’s candidate for the 7th District, behind closed doors, just as they did the state budget and the health care bill recently passed in Washington.

The 7th Congressional District is not “Obey’s Seat” that the Chairman of the Democrat Party can choose who it belongs to. It Is The People’s Seat! Let the people of the 7th District decide, not the Chairman of the Democrat Party.”-Mark Block

We agree with Block’s reasoning that the party bosses in Madison and Washington, D.C. will hold the cards on who challenges Sean Duffy.  It also proves further that Mike Tate has a serious entitlement issue thinking Obey’s seat is their birthright like the Illinois Democrats who think they are entitled to Obama’s senate seat.

The seat does not belong to David R. Obey or the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, the seat belongs to the constituents of the 7th Congressional District of Wisconsin.  If Mike Tate cannot understand what happened in Massachusetts with their entitlement issue over the Kennedy Senate seat, they will be Coakley-KO’ed at the ballot box this November.

The comment proves that Democrats have not learned their lesson since January 19, 2010, when Scott Brown pulled off the upset of the century in Massachusetts.


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