Statement on the annoucement of Julie Lassa’s candidacy

Yesterday, Wisconsin was told that State Senator Julie Lassa would be the handpicked candidate by David Obey to replace him on the Democratic Party ballot for the 7th Congressional District.

The move by Obey and the party insiders in Madison and Washington, D.C. was nothing but pure insider politics at is finest.  Instead of letting their party activists and the voters have a choice on who will best represent the Democrats, the brass of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has made the choice.

No matter how the Democrats will try to boast Ms. Lassa as their candidate, the one thing she cannot hide from is voting for a state budget that increased taxes and fees by five million dollars last year.  Also, Lassa must try to atone for her lack of leadership on the Senate Economic Development Committee in which over 174,000 jobs across the state were lost in the past year.   Ms. Lassa may boast her C.O.R.E. bill as her masterpiece success, but the bill has not created a single job at all.

The voters of the 7th District will know better on who they will send to Congress that will represent the people’s interests and not the party insiders in Madison and D.C.  The Congressional seat vacated by Congressman Obey is not his seat or the Democratic Party’s seat, it’s the people’s seat.


6 responses to “Statement on the annoucement of Julie Lassa’s candidacy

  1. Big talk from the party that wanted a 10 point purity test for all elected officials.

  2. Does Walker’s endorsement by the failed candidate, Mark Green, rise to the level of insidere politics Kyle?

    Green did everything but steal Walker’s lunch money in a campaign that was halted by a visit from Washington and yet now he’s posing for Holy pictures with the candidate who is trying to avoid a primary with Neumann. Isn’t that insider politics on a macro scale? Green scratches Walker’s back in exchange for the eased path in 2006.

  3. You are way off subject Grumps. The issue is letting Dem insiders pick the replacement to David Obey over letting the party activists and the voters in the 7th Congressional District making the pick.

    Scott Walker and Mark Green have no relation to this post.

  4. Grumps: Do not get us started. Insider politics in the DPW is the big issue. The problem is Milwaukee’s mainstream media does not have the guts to hold Mike Tate accountable. That is why Mike Tate Watch is here.

  5. So insider politics is okay for the WisGOP? Is that your point?

    And, where did my last comment go?

    • Grumps, we deleted that comment because you were way off topic. Second, this post has nothing to do with the GOP and insider politics. What the topic is Chairman Tate allowing the Washington insiders to pick David Obey.

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