Is Mike Tate really going to allow a primary in WI-7 or is he going to listen to the Washington insiders?

Over the past couple days, Mike Tate has not reacted rapidly to the announcement of Julie Lassa as the hand-picked candidate to replace David Obey.   The silence from the head of Wisconsin’s Democratic Party shows that there could be a variety of angles being viewed to the story.

First, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported earlier this week that the  hand picked selection  by Tate, Congressman Obey,  and the Democratic Party insiders in DC was going to be the party’s game plan.  Now a new report shows that Mike Tate has indicated some double talk about the entertaining the possibility of a primary in the 7th District.   Chairman Tate told Politco: ““anyone can still run, but I think Julie’s going to be an outstanding candidate and I think she’ll be the nominee.”

Now as reports surface that Stevens Point Democrat Assemblyman Louis Molepske, Jr. may run in the primary to challenge Julie Lassa, is it safe to say that Chairman Tate is going to continue to listen to the insiders in Washington or let Democratic voters in the 7th District select the party’s nominee?   Rep. Molepske told WisPolitics that he is considering to run, but is weighing the possibility of giving up his assembly seat in the 74th District to run.  The Stevens Point Area Assemblyman said:  “I just think the people should decide who their representative should be.”

If Molepske decides to run we can expect a Democratic Primary in which he may offer himself to disaffected Democratic Party voters as a choice against the Washington insiders pick.  A similar dynamic former U.S. Senator Gary Hart of Colorado used in his 1984 Presidential bid in which he made the DNC’s hand-picked candidate Walter Mondale survive a harsh primary fight.  Hart fell short of clinching the nomination to Mondale that year.


4 responses to “Is Mike Tate really going to allow a primary in WI-7 or is he going to listen to the Washington insiders?

  1. I’m not sure you read your post before you pushed the button to publish it.

    In the first sentence you accuse Tate of inaction. In the start of your next graf you pick on him for acting too hastily.

    Do you have some sort of internal criteria for consistency or do you just let words flow like free verse onto the blank page?

  2. Grumps:

    Your issue is comprehending Mike Tate talking out of both ends of his mouth on this issue. You may be just hurt from the truth that Mike Tate is trying to hijack the primary election in the 7th Congressional district when he is letting the Washington insiders pick the nominee.

    Now with Kevin Shibilski out of the race, its just a matter of time before State Rep. Louis Molepske pulls off a Gary Hart. That means challenge the establishment’s pick of Julie Lassa for the Dem Nomination in the 7th Congressional District.

  3. I’m correct in saying that you support giving voters a choice in a primary, right?

    If so, then am I correct in assuming you support Mark Neumann staying in the Republican gubernatorial primary up until the votes are counted, right?

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