Mike Tate runs a fast one on Scott Walker and law enforcement

Just as Mike Tate continues to deflect scrutiny over allowing the Washington insiders to pick the candidate to challenge Sean Duffy, comes a fast lie from the Dems about the 2011 state budget and law enforcement.

Chairman Tate and Graeme Zielinski are guilty of the same lies we exposed on One Wisconsin Now last week claiming that the state budget gap would get worse under Scott Walker. However, the Dems have no evidence whatsoever from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau to support their claims.

The one thing Chairman Tate should look at is the ineptness Tom Barrett shown on the Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments in the last budget battle.   Tom Barrett put Police officers and Firefighters at risk in Milwaukee by furloughing them in which Barrett’s administration got sued by the unions representing the Police in a federal court. Also, Today’s TMJ 4’s Aaron Diamant exposed Mayor Barrett failing to stop Police administrators from wasting $17 million dollars of taxpayer money on a Police radio system that is not working. In 2007, Mayor Barrett was also criticized on being silent when the City of Milwaukee had dealt with increasing crime rates in which put Milwaukee in a negative light with the national media.

This is nothing but classical political pandering from Chairman Tate who tries to claim Tom Barrett is a public safety champion while in reality he is making life more difficult for the men and women that protect Milwaukee’s citizens.


6 responses to “Mike Tate runs a fast one on Scott Walker and law enforcement

  1. Police isn’t capitalized when not used as a proper noun (as in Milwaukee Police Department).

    As far as Walker’s budget goes, you can’t get rid of sources of funds without making program cuts. Walker talks only about removing the sources of funds. How is he going to balance the budget? And the LFB does not do work based on some obnoxious candidate for governors crazed statements. They work for the state, not Walker’s campaign.

  2. Didn’t Scott Walker furlough Sheriff’s deputies in his last budget?

  3. It was the County Board that forced the furlough in a sneaky matter. The corporation counsel told him he could not line item the furlough Zach. Basically, it was Lee Holloway who caused the furloughs not Mr. Walker.

  4. Jim:

    We are not going to waste time on technical matters. Second, what we are mentioning is that the Wisconsin Democratic Party is making these wild claims without seeing an actual budget from the Walker Campaign. When Walker ran in 2006 he presented a budget to the LFB for its analysis. Same with Presidential candidates who can send their budgets to the CBO to be scored. The left wing operatives are running on their charades without physically proving the facts. This is why we are able to catch the DPW and One Wisconsin Now with their pants down, lying through their teeth. Facts are facts.

    • So we’re supposed to let Walker run his mouth about tax cuts, tax cuts and more tax cuts, but not question what will happen to services unless Walker himself gets a budget (which I don’t believe he has, he is just spewing empty rhetoric) scored by the LFB? I’m not holding my breath for that. When Walker puts up, I’ll shut up.

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