Mike Tate is pursuing frivolous campaign finance complaints against Walker Harley Ride

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin State Chairman is acting pretty delusional over Scott Walker and the County Executives Ride. Since last year, Chairman Tate has acted pretty delusional over this issue as he has tried to find a way to derail Walker but failed miserably in doing so.   In the past two years both the Milwaukee County Ethics Board and this year the Government Accountability Board gave Walker the clearance to do this popular event.

Mike Tate’s actions reflect the statement former Oklahoma football star and U.S. Congressman J.C. Watts said on Democrats: “when Democrats can’t win on the issues they will call you a liar, a racist, a  bigot, or they will sue you.”   J.C. Watts could not be anymore right and if he saw Mike Tate, the former Sooner Football legend would make an example out of him.

Mike Tate and his extreme left wing special interest buddies are going to get a high off this issue.  However, if Scott Walker already had the ethics clearance to do this popular event  in the midst of his Governor’s campaign, then we know Chairman Tate is desperate.  The desperation comes as he is trying to hide from the public the deals he has had made with Washington insiders who are trying to rig the political process in Wisconsin by denying a Democratic primary in the 7th Congressional district.

This Sidney Crosby-type political maneuver shows Chairman Tate is running fast from the fact that people in Wisconsin have had enough of his dirty and deceptive tactics.  All Tate is trying to do is winning instant gratification from DNC Chairman Tim Kaine in time for  next month’s state convention in Middleton.


7 responses to “Mike Tate is pursuing frivolous campaign finance complaints against Walker Harley Ride

  1. Having the ride earlier this year had nothing to do with the state GOP convention, right?

    • Hey, the GAB already cleared him to do the ride before state convention. You are just so stuck in your process questions and resemble that Newark Star-Ledger reporter who got OWNED by Governor Chris Christie this week at a press conference.

  2. Hey? You do realize that it’s Tate’s job to deal with the leaders of his party just like it’s Reince’s to follow Mike Steele around, don’tcha?

    I mean, that is the job of the party leaders at the state level.

    • Grumps, we know well from our friend Fred Dooley that you can be a nuisance on the comments section. To be blunt with you, the state party leaders manage the party’s brand at the state level in which communicate the brand down to the county party organizations.

      Reince Priebus is the professional, Mike Tate is trying to pretend to act professional to gain gratification from the DNC’s bosses. In reality, Tate is an amateur like Sidney Crosby.

  3. Well, Fred has problems with facts that contradict his own worldview. If raising a few questions is being a nuisance then so be it.

  4. Huh? What does that even mean?

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