New on our YouTube channel: Steve Kagen and Mike Tate cozy up more to DC insiders

As Steve Kagen is going to have a fundraiser with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on June 1st in Milwaukee, we have a new video with a message to send to Chairman Tate and the 8th District Congressman.   They have still not heard the message from last time they invited Congressman Van Hollen in April to Wisconsin.  We know already now that Chairman Tate is so cozy with the Washington insiders as he is seriously downplaying critical congressional contests.  This video hopefully can be a wake-up call as the people of Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional district have had enough.


3 responses to “New on our YouTube channel: Steve Kagen and Mike Tate cozy up more to DC insiders

  1. Is this really the direction you want to steer the conversation when Walker has been posing for holy pictures with Newt and Sarah? With Neumann courting Crazy Tom from OK?

    I refer you to John 8:7 for guidance

    • Grumps, like NJ Governor Christie says you may be the most thinnest skinned blog commenter in America. If you are really are concerned about Mike Tate Watch raising issue on Steve Kagen relying on the DC insiders to fund his flailing campaign, then you should wonder if Mike Tate is going to allow Dave Obey to give any of his $1.2 million dollars to the DCCC to waste when they have already wasted money in Hawaii-1.

      Maybe this video to you is blunt, honest and refreshing. We maybe see this on your blog tomorrow.

  2. Are you just cutting and pasting replies to comments now? Obey can give his campaign money to wherever he wants. I frankly don’t have any idea about HI1 and don’t really understand why you care about it either.

    I think it’s pretty easy for me to predict that I won’t be using any of your topics on my blog in the morning.

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