Question for Chairman Tate, why do you call normal Walker supporters “cronies”?

Mike Tate again is pulling off another Sidney Crosby style tactic and that is diving to  call normal followers of Scott Walker on Facebook cronies pretending that the DPW Chairman has a vendetta. We know one thing, the DPW Chairman is getting delusional by the second.  Delusional, because he compares a average joe supporting Walker to a well-known donor which lacks logic.   Legendary political reporter Mike Flannery of FOX Chicago would say: “that folks is some serious spin.”

We got news for Chairman Tate, the games of class warfare is not going anywhere in the State of Wisconsin this year.  We can hear some serious spin this weekend from Chairman Tate as the 2010 RPW State Convention starts in four days. No matter what Chairman Tate tries to spin, the people of Wisconsin are aware of his politics of deception since 2006 when he suffered one of the worst defeats ever for a statewide referendum in the Badger State.

Mike Tate Watch will be at the 2010 RPW State Convention in Milwaukee as we are prepared to give gavel to gavel coverage of  the convention.  All the coverage without the serious spin or imitating to be the Sidney Crosby of Wisconsin politics.


5 responses to “Question for Chairman Tate, why do you call normal Walker supporters “cronies”?

  1. Among the many questions your post engenders is, who the hell is Sidney Crosby? Was he the psychiatrist on M*A*S*H?

  2. No, we are talking about a primadonna National Hockey Leauge superstar in which like Chairman Tate is overrated and sucks!!!! Mike Tate Watch is so much in the NHL Playoffs going on.

  3. Okay, then I’m even more baffled. Is there some sort of conclusion to be drawn by the juxtaposition of the NFL and whatever it is that your post means or are you just stringing random thoughts together again in some sort of free-form poetry?

    Oh, and that whole “replying to your own comment” thing is called sock-puppetry.” It’ll get you banned on most any blog with standards.

  4. Grumps, Ron Burgundy Magers made the comment so there is no sock-puppetry involved.

    Second, you are delusional because we love to counter the Saul Alinsky playbook and we like to stick labels at certain politicians. That is why we eager to compare Mike Tate and his liberal cronies to overrated sports stars like Sidney Crosby.

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