New on our YouTube channel: The May 18th primaries and its impact on Wisconsin

Mike Tate Watch has added a new video to our YouTube channel in which we profile yesterday’s primaries in Arkansas, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania and its impact on Wisconsin.   If the Wisconsin Democrats are not getting the message, they should take notice of what happened in Kentucky, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania in which voters shown the incumbent, establishment politicans the door.


4 responses to “New on our YouTube channel: The May 18th primaries and its impact on Wisconsin

  1. What “message” should WI Dems be getting from liberal Dems coming out ahead of the conservative Dems, other than the obvious liberals-are-winning?

    Also, don’t stop using white text on top of images of white text in your videos, it is hilarious!

  2. Jim, Don’t forget Arlen Specter was a pretty reliable Democrat Party vote. Regardless which Democrat wins the Arkansas run-off, the Dems will be short on cash to defeat the GOP nominee who won the required majority last night. As far for Kentucky went, it was two blue-dogs going against one another for the US Dem Senate primary. Trey Grayson used to been a Dem but he got walloped by a true conservative, Rand Paul, who is gonna be the next senator to represent our old Kentucky home.

  3. Kyle, I never realized that you were a son of the south. That goes a long way toward explaining the bizarre sentence construction and lack of verb tense agreement.

  4. Grumps, you are stuck in your process stuff.

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