The Tater Tot List candidates won big on May 18th, and we announce more endorsements

On May 18th, two of the candidates endorsed by the Tater Tot List won big in their primaries as Rand Paul and Pat Toomey won  in both Kentucky and Pennsylvania.  We are proud of their victories and we will do anything to get them elected in the general election.

We are also proud to announce more endorsements to the list.  In Wisconsin, we are proud to announce our endorsements for Brett Davis for Lieutenant Governor and Ron Johnson for the United States Senate.  In other key races across the nation, we are also proud to endorse John Boozman for Arkansas U.S. Senate, Ken Buck for Colorado U.S. Senate, Sharron Angle for Nevada U.S. Senate, and Dan Coats for Indiana U.S. Senate to add on the many more candidates we have endorsed.

A key primary for a Tater-Tot-List candidate is in June when Chuck DeVore faces a key three-way primary for the U.S. Senate GOP nomination in California.  We are looking forward to that race as DeVore has a great shot to defeat Carly Fiorina and Tom Campbell who do not represent conservatives well.


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