Molepske not running in WI-7 proves Julie Lassa is the D.C. insider’s pick

Just today, we got official word from State Rep. Louis Molepske (D-Stevens Point) that he will not be running for Congress.  This move today proves that Julie Lassa was the hand-picked candidate of Mike Tate, David Obey, and the D.C. Insiders who are handicapping this election.

We have known all throughout since Dave Obey retired that the soon-to-be former Congressman was going to hand pick someone to challenge Sean Duffy.  Even with the DCCC wanting to dedicate resources in the race for Dave Obey’s congressional seat, most observers would ask if the DCCC would do an effective job especially with the organization wasting money in the Hawaii-1 special election and pulling out due to party infighting.  Hawaii 1 is a seat that is destined to flip to red in the upcoming special election. A representative for the Duffy Campaign told Mike Tate Watch that they are not surprised by the move and will welcome to chance to prove that Ms. Lassa is bought and paid for by the D.C. special interests.

Moreover, today’s announcement by Rep. Molepske shows that Ms. Lassa will be the anointed candidate and denies the voters and Democratic party activists in the 7th Congressional district a choice to pick the party’s nominee.  Many bloggers including Uppity Wisconsin agree that the voters up in the 7th District welcome a primary battle.  However, Chairman Tate and the D.C. insiders have unfortunately made the pick that Julie Lassa will be the  nominee.  The people will find out that Ms. Lassa does not and will not represent their best interests.  This will result in the same fate  Arlen Specter and Blanche Lincoln were rendered this past Tuesday in which the insider candidates lost big.


9 responses to “Molepske not running in WI-7 proves Julie Lassa is the D.C. insider’s pick

  1. Err…Blanche Lincoln finished first in her primary. You lack of logic is insane.

  2. I’m sorry Kyle. Just ’cause you say isn’t really proof. Do you have something that shows cause and effect? Or are you expecting us to see the same shadows in the entrails that you can see?

    • Grumps, Uppity Wisconsin has been railing against this move in WI-7 along with the other liberal bloggers. I think you are again stuck in your process stuff in which we are not going to waste our time to explain to you how we form a basis with what Mike Tate Watch writes. You are way stuck in your process stuff man.

  3. Foust? Is this you? This has to be a parody site, right?

    • Grumps0 you call this a parody because you can’t habdle the truth. You know what, that is the truth on the 7th district congressional seat and the truth hurts hard. Just wait when Sean Duffy makes an example of Julie Lassa this November.

  4. Just a thought: Why would a Wisconsin member of the GOP be complaining about “hand picked” candidates after the ridiculous endorsement process we saw this weekend in Milwaukee?

    Hypocrisy much?

    • Hey DemBoy, you should read the outrage Uppity Wisconsin ans XOff had about the so called conclave to pick Julie Lassa as their candidate and not allow a primary. There could be a lot of upset activists from the 7th district at next months convention when they will air the grievances for not having a voice.

      That is more an inside process than having average delegates vote in a secret-ballot. Get a grip man, your comment is hypocritical

  5. Kyle, thanks for your concern but I think I can habdle most anything you’ve got to dish out.

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