One Wisconsin Now ejected from the RPW Convention

One Wisconsin Now was ejected from the Harley Davidson Museum last night in attempts in to pass their own budget petition.  Mike Tate Watch would like to thank the security at the Harley Museum and RPW staff in making due that if a extreme left wing organization wants to pass around their garbage, they must follow the rules on credentials.   Their recent ejection from this event in addition to other conservative events this year shows that the organization has no regard for authority whatsoever.


8 responses to “One Wisconsin Now ejected from the RPW Convention

  1. Just so we’re clear here, Kyle. Are you against Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly or are you just against the dissemination of ideas other than your own in a public place?

  2. Amazingly consistant Grumps. You apparently approve of crashing parties where you are not invited.

    I wonder how you feel about union goons terrorizing teenagers?

    I’m sure all is good with you as long as it serves the cause.

  3. The Harley Museum is still a public space, right?

    Fred, Kyle doesn’t like it when you bring new information to the discussion. It confuses him.

    • Grumps, because part of the convention was held at the Harley Museum, anyone needs credentials to gain access. This is the point you are missing. Your thinking is warped Grumps.

      Lastly, happy cows come from WI not CA.

  4. Kyle, how do you reconcile your belief in “regard for authority” with the “don’t tread on me” (or my Medicare) mantra of the teabaggers?

  5. Jim, you are missing the point. You need to have proper credentials to get into either party’s state convention. Proper regard for authority is to be properly credentialed. You are missing the point that Scot Ross and his operatives decided to crash convention without any credentials whatsoever.

  6. I have been remiss in getting my Mike Tate Watch words-rammed-togetheryness-to-kinda-form-sentences-news, so I just saw this.

    I’ll respond. We were standing outside. We never tried to get into the hall or the building. We were outside like a number of members of the media and a substantial number of customers to the Harley Museum and its restaurant.

    The GOP goons had security come over and tell us we had to leave the entire grounds. I take great pride in that the guy they sent was gargantuan.

    So, we left and went and ate food at a local restaurant that was not the Harley Museum.

    Oh, and as a side note, Walker’s been lying through his teeth about Harley and combined reporting. IWF did a great study about it and even the head of Harley, not once, but twice said they weren’t going to leave WI b/c of combined reporting.

    That hasn’t stopped Walker’s ceaseless lies on the issue. But then again, he still won’t say how he plans on paying for his $2 billion tax fiesta for the rich-n-big biz, so why should we expect an ounce of intellectual honesty from this cowardly hack.

    I mean Walker, not you, Kyle.

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