In California this week.

Mike Tate Watch is on assignment this week in California.   When we get back from the Golden State next week, we will tell you more about Mike Tate and the Dems campaign to make Wisconsin another California.


11 responses to “In California this week.

  1. Hey, Kyle? You know that California has a Republican Governor, right?

    I’m pretty sure that’s the last thing that Tate, or any thinking person, would want for Wisconsin given the choices we have.

    • The Governator is a RINO and married to someone in the Kennedy family. Add on a Democratic controlled legislature there and it shows why WI cannot afford to be the next CA.

      • That’s what I’m saying!!! Wisconsin cannot afford to elect a Republican as Governor! Thanks for clearing that up Kyle!

  2. I can’t wait to see this.

  3. the bystander

    OMG! I didn’t know that Mike Tate was helping destroy California too! Stay strong for all of us Kyle

  4. No Jim, the truth is WI cannot afford to elect a Governator. Scott Walker would put Arnold in his place, put him on the same train with all the big government liberals and take him out of town.

    Arnold is a closet Democrat!!!!

  5. Grumps, your last comment is full of nonsense and we had to take it down!!!

  6. Cause he wants to grow up to be just like Fred. Although you have to give credit to Fred. He only drops comments down the memory hole when they’re really embarrassing.

    Kyle just does it cause it makes him feel just like HotAir

  7. Hey DemBoy, Grumps can throw nonsense up on the comments. If its off-topic, then it gets taken down.

    Your comment shows one indicator, the left fears accountability at any and all costs. We know what garbage the left will throw in the last five months of the election as the conservatives are putting the liberals out of their comfort zone.

    Like Karl Rove says, accountability comes hard to any liberal intellectual.

  8. Because Rove, the original “It’s not time to play the blame game” poster boy should be the final arbiter of all things accountable.

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