Tater Tot List Candidate Profile-Chuck DeVore for California US Senate

Mike Tate Watch’s Tater-Tot List is beginning to profile candidates we have endorsed so you can learn more about the candidates we support.  Today, we profile California GOP US Senate candidate Chuck DeVore.   Despite the California GOP Senate primary is a three-way race, the endorsement was pretty clear-cut to us by the credentials each of the candidates possessed.

Chuck DeVore is the real-deal for conservatives.  Unlike Carly Fiorina and Tom Campbell who have tendencies of liberal Republicans, DeVore has a background that is second to none.  DeVore who is currently a State Assemblyman and an Army Veteran of over 20 years has been a consistent, conservative voice against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his economic killing policies.  DeVore has served in the Reagan Administration and has the clearest conservative platform over Carly Fiorina and Tom Campbell.

Tom Campbell was Schwarzenegger’s former Budget Director and crafted a state budget that put California in its current fiscal nightmare. Fiorina has had a very questionable record as HP CEO and supports full-blown taxation of the internet which we vehemently oppose. Fiorina has also been in support of the bailouts before saying she was against them.

The only conservative in the race to defeat Barbara Boxer is Chuck DeVore and Mike Tate Watch is proud to endorse his candidacy for the US Senate.   We look forward to next week’s “Super Tuesday” primary as California and a handful of states will have key primary elections.  If you want to donate to the DeVore campaign, please visit http://www.chuckdevore.com


4 responses to “Tater Tot List Candidate Profile-Chuck DeVore for California US Senate

  1. And this has exactly what to do with Mr Tate?

  2. the bystander


    It’s so cute that you think your silly little blog’s endorsment is meaningful in any way to anyone. But, it’s fun to pretend we’re a big boy and very powerful and influential. Isn’t it?

  3. The purpose of the Tater-Tot-List is to endorse candidates that promote conservative values in America and in Wisconsin. Its is an added feature to Mike Tate Watch.

  4. Hey Bystander, we endorse conservative candidates who stand for real, American values, nuff said.

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