The lessons we learned in California and why Wisconsin cannot afford to be another California.

Last week, Mike Tate Watch spent some quality time in the State of California which currently is a state in fiscal abyss.  After spending a week in Los Angeles, we seen first hand the challenges of what Californians face as they await a key primary election in the upcoming days to decide the future of the state.

From talking with friends we know in California, the number one issue on their minds is the state budget.   California has the highest budget deficit in the U.S. according to the Pew Center on the States. Wisconsin unfortunately is in striking distance from California on its problems in the state budget in the same ratings from the Pew Center. The number one issue that brought California to the brink is excessive spending.  This was done by disgraced U.S. Senate candidate and former Schwarzenegger Finance Director Tom Campbell  in 2005.  Campbell loaded the budget full of spending and higher taxes.   The Democrats in Wisconsin unfortunately took the same cues from California which is to spend.  The first thing if Wisconsin needs to do to get its fiscal order is not act like California politicians who spend with no limit.  The highly respected California Legislative Analyst’s Office in 2005 told Campbell that California’s countless spending would lead to persistent multi-million dollar operating deficits in the best of times. No matter who wins the Governor’s race this year, the 2011 state budget will not be sitting pretty and the harsh, painful budget cuts past governors in both parties failed to do will be on the menu next year.

Other than taxes, the other big issue California faces is excess regulations.  The same people we talked to in California have said that the excessive taxation and regulation are two large systemic cancers to California’s economy.   The regulation madness are a reason why people are waking up and realizing why career politicians like Barbara Boxer and RINO’s like Carly Fiorina  are no good for California.  Despite people consider California a blue state, Californians are craving for real fiscal conservatives like Chuck DeVore who have a strong shot of defeating Barbara Boxer.

Unfortunately back in Wisconsin, Democrats under Mike Tate have taken California’s lead too on regulation.  Excessive taxation, litigation, and regulation are a reason why companies like Gardner-Denver, Briggs and Stratton, and many others have left Wisconsin for states like Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and Virginia.  The Clean Energy Jobs Act had a sneaky provision that would use California’s vehicle emission standards to determine Wisconsin’s standards. If the bill passed, Wisconsin would have became another California.

We can go on and on, but if Democrats led by Mike Tate think that what is done in California is good for Wisconsin, there is a problem.  A serious problem as Wisconsin businesses are leaving, over 174,000 people lost their jobs in the last legislative session, and politicians who are not listening the concerns of people in Wisconsin.   No matter what type of message Chairman Tate spins at convention next week, Mike Tate will have serious questions to answer.   Questions from Wisconsinites who are wondering if Mike Tate is going to make Wisconsin the next California?  A position that Wisconsin cannot afford to be in.


2 responses to “The lessons we learned in California and why Wisconsin cannot afford to be another California.

  1. “We can go on and on” Truer words were never spoken.

    I need to be sure that I understand your reasoning. Because Republicans in California can’t be trusted to hold the line on spending we should elect only Republicans in Wisconsin so the same thing doesn’t happen to us.

    Is that a fair account of your post? I know you want to blame Mr Tate for all kinds of stuff but he’s only been in office for a year and Wisconsin’s budget woes go back to when Scott McCallum was spending like a drunken Californian.

    As I recall the Republican budget counter proposal from 2006 called for completely eliminating the rainy day fund. Thank God we didn’t listen then.

  2. Grumps, you can spin your comment all you want, but you are missing some key points.

    1. Arnold Schwarzengger never had the Republican numbers he wanted in the state legislature. That meant catering to Democratic-controlled legislators. Add on that the Governator is married to an heir to the Kennedy family and thats the problem. It is both parties are the problem in California.

    2. The point of the post is California in a whole is stuck in bad policy that is dipped in liberal orthodoxy. People there are getting sick of the excesses in Sacramento in both parties.

    3. Wisconsin Democrats felt it was OK to be feeding off the same liberal mentality that has infested California. The result, 174,000 jobs lost in the last legislative session, more spending, and a out of control state budget.

    You need to think beyond the party Grumps and go to the idelogy. People in Wisconsin do not want to be the next California. This post already addressed the problem in California exsists in both parties. Your comment is nothing but a pure slippery slope.

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