The highly respected Larry Sabato has more bad news for Mike Tate and the Wisconsin Democrats.

The highly respected Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia is again the bearer of bad news for Chairman Mike Tate the week before the State Convention in Middleton.  Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball has Wisconsin as a Leaning Republican Takeover which has been consistent with his previous ratings taken during this year.

When giving his assessment on Tom Barrett, Sabato said that “high personal approval is not enough to win the statehouse.”   The latest ratings from the most respected political mind in the nation should serve as a reminder that his party’s policies are not winning over Wisconsin.  Also, the same statement from Dr. Sabato would resonate on Mayor Barrett’s lack of aggressiveness to keep MillerCoors and Harley Davidson in Wisconsin.

Poll after poll this year has shown already that Wisconsin has had enough of the Democrat’s taxing, spending, and regulation on steroids mentality.   Dr. Sabato’s latest analysis seconds our challenge to Chairman Tate to talk to any of the 174,000 unemployed Wisconsinites who think they are better off now then at the beginning of the 2009 legislative session.   The anwsers he would hear from these people would be the truth that the Democrats have failed Wisconsin.


4 responses to “The highly respected Larry Sabato has more bad news for Mike Tate and the Wisconsin Democrats.

  1. I’ll give you splash of approval for upgrading the quality of your sources but Sabato may not be saying exactly what you thinks he’s saying.

    He uses the word “leans” to show us that the race isn’t ready to be called yet and acknowledges that his ranking has more to do with a Dem who isn’t running than one who is.

    Sabato cautions that the primaries aren’t over and that the Republicans have “stronger and weaker” candidates.

    It all may play out on WisGOP’s insider politics in endorsing Walker and trying to keep the voters from picking their favorite candidate. I know you’re against that, right?

  2. Grumps,

    Larry Sabato has been very consistent with his ratings by rating the WI Governor’s race as leaning Republican throughout the entire year. His rating will only change on who wins the primary or if Neumann drops out of the race. Also, Sabato’s rankings spell bad news for Democrats across the Midwest as there could be the possibility the Dems could lose every contested governorship in the Midwest including Illinois, yes Illinois. Pat Quinn is down considerably to GOPer Bill Brady

    On the second hand, it was grassroots delegates who endorsed Walker and not the party insiders in the GOP. You are very dismissive a record amount of delegates attended the convention this year. When Mike Tate Watch was at convention none of the delegates looked like party insiders to us at the Frontier Airlines Center where convention was held.

    You sure are trying to find a way to paint Mark Neumann as a victim despite he is feeding off the ultra-partisan One Wisconsin Now’s talking points.

  3. Sabato has the statehouse races +7 for Repubs, hardly a landslide.

    Neumann is running an aggressive primary campaign against a man who thought there’d be nobody to question his failures before the general. If Neumann is echoing the work done by OWN perhaps the adage applies. “If enough people say you look sick, maybe you should lie down.” Walkermania is looking a little green around the gills lately.

    And please, pray tell, how does one distinguish between insiders and grassrootsy types just by looking? Work through your math before you reply. If you say that 91% of those at the convention were outsiders, who the hell is running the party?

    • Grumps, Mike Tate Watch is not going to waste any of our time to get stuck in your process garbage about state GOP convention. Second, Badger Blogger has reported on its Twitter that Neumann’s camp is not going out to get its required signatures to get on the ballot. Not so fast on an aggressive Neumann challenge when he doesn’t have campaign staffers going everywhere to get their required signatures for ballot access.

      Personally, you are drinking their kool aid way too much.

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