Mike Tate is the real diva in his empty press release attacking Sean Duffy.

As Sean Duffy announced today that he will step down as Ashland County District Attorney to run his congressional campaign full-fledged, Chairman Mike Tate  issued a empty press release calling Sean Duffy a diva.

Duffy did the same honorable move like Bob McDonnell did during his run for Governor last year by resigning as Virginia’s Attorney General saying that the people deserve someone full-time running the state’s law firm. Duffy is correct in his reasoning that someone full-time needs to run Ashland County’s law firm known as the District Attorney’s office.

Mike Tate is the real diva  in this whole matter.  Tate is acting like a VH-1 diva who wants  to say anything to keep hold on the 7th Congressional District in order to impress the crowd at the DNC.  With  no Associated Press writer picking up the DPW’s empty press release, now we know why the mainstream media in Wisconsin does not want to listen to political leaders who act like whiny VH-1 divas like Mike Tate.


6 responses to “Mike Tate is the real diva in his empty press release attacking Sean Duffy.

  1. Another stellar post from Kyle. It took six sentences for you to say either “nuh-uh he isn’t” or “I know you are but what is Duffy.”

  2. I think I can help young Kyle here, Jim. When you asked the rhetorical, “But what is Duffy?” Kyle thought you were asking,”Who is Duffy?”

    The answer to that is, of course, “a minor, never-elected public official who ditched in the middle of the term to which he was appointed to run for a seat with more visibility.”

    As to, “No AP writer has picked up Tate’s release.” Why should they, Kyle, when we can get the straight scoop here?

    • The point is Grumps is trying to point out that Mike Tate is using his classic act like a 13 year old to tear down Sean Duffy and his family. We have got word and confirmed with JS writers and RPW officials that Scott Bauer, Ryan Foley, and the rest of the state capitol press corps are reluctant to take DPW press releases because of Tate’s childish ways of writing press releases. This is the straightest scoop you will get. The truth hurts Grumps.

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