Mike Tate’s Freudian Slip at Convention

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin Convention of 2010 will be remembered for one key moment, Mike Tate’s Freudian Slip praising Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan for “cleaning up Barack Obama’s economic disaster”.

From all the lies along with dirty and deceptive messaging, it seems that reality has caught up to Chairman Mike Tate.  For a state convention that was full of lies and pandering, had a microphone go out, and lackluster attendance it shows the Dems are doing anything to hide this blunder of a convention. This ranks similar to when Jimmy Carter did not have the balloons drop in time during the infamous 1980 Democratic National Convention in New York City.


10 responses to “Mike Tate’s Freudian Slip at Convention

  1. Lackluster attendance? There were over 1,100 in attendance at the convention, with over 21,000 more folks tuning in to watch online. What’s more, there were more votes in the Democratic convention’s straw poll than the Republican conventions.

    But hey, don’t let reality get in the way of you spewing the latest GOP talking points.

    • You had to say that to hide Mike Tate’s Fruedian slip of admitting its “barack obama’s” problem which he said. He said an equally as good gaffe like Joe Biden.

      • Kyle, I’m just pointing out the sheer idiocy of your original post. I’d encourage you to do a little reading beyond the RPW’s latest talking points before you post, but I know that’s simply too much for you to handle.

        The fact is, the DPW convention can’t be measured as anything but a success, given the fact that we had well over 1,000 delegates and guests, as well as over 21,000 folks watching the online stream of the convention. The fact that you can’t acknowledge any reality that stands in conflict with the talking points you’ve been spoon fed is pretty sad.

        Try reading something other than RPW press releases before you post.

  2. At least you recognize it as a slip, Tater. The mess was left for President Obama to clean up, therefore…

    And, so far as technical glitches go, I’ll take the mic problem if you’ll keep the Walker candidacy.

  3. Jim:

    Don’t be sarcastic about this. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel already documented Mike Tate’s Freudian Slip. This is why we had to take down your last comment.

    • I’m not denying that Tate said “Barack Obama” when he meant “George Bush.” I was there, I heard it, and I winced, knowing your type would run with it due to a general lack of ideas by your party.

      And Kyle, who is this “we” that took down my last comment?

  4. Hey DemBoy, listen to the link of Mike Tate’s infamous convention flap instead of making up your rumors.

    Tate’s flap ranks as one of the worst convention flaps of all time.

    • Do you read your posts before making them? Tate was talking about presidents, and messed up a name. No one will remember this a year (or a month) from now, much less as “the worst convention flap of all time.”
      Now hurry up and give us a new post to make fun of, this one is getting boring. The hockey post had plenty of grammatical errors but those aren’t nearly as entertaining as your batty rants.

  5. I’m still waiting for Kyle to explain how the DPW convention had lackluster attendance, considering it drew more in person and online than the RPW convention.

    By Kyle’s odd logic, if the DPW convention attendance was lackluster, then the RPW convention attendance was atrocious.

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