Even the DPW admits they like going to the strip club.

Mike Tate Watch listened to Graeme Zielinski’s interview on the Pat Snyder Show in which the Communications Director and former journalist  used “we’ll meet you at the strip club” reference. Zielinski also said during the interview,  “we love going to the strip club”.

Even when Mike Tate and Graeme Zielinski rail on the RNC for spending their money at a bondage club in West Hollywood, the Dems fall into their own double talk saying they like to go to strip clubs.  We sure hoped the DPW stimulated the economy of Madison area strip clubs during convention weekend in a positive way.  Our only hope is that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin did not use DNC Chairman Tim Kaine’s credit cards at the strip club.  The DNC Chairman was the special guest for the annual convention.  If the DPW wanted to please Chairman Kaine at the strip club, then it should be done with their own credit cards and not the DNC’s.


4 responses to “Even the DPW admits they like going to the strip club.

  1. You have absolutely no grasp of figurative language do you? I’ll try to find you a primer on sarcasm.
    Although if anything you posted actually had any substance, this blog probably wouldn’t be as funny.

  2. Again Jim, nice try. You are perhaps a little star-struck when we caught Graeme Zielinski’s colorful and figurative hypocrisy.

  3. Star-struck means: captivated by famous people or by fame itself.
    What does that have to do with Graeme Zielinski?

  4. The problem with the RNC wasn’t that they went to the strip club. It was that they used donor’s money to do it.

    This is America, Kyle, where men and, yes even women, are free to go and spend $6 for a wotered-down whiskey sour AS LONG AS THEY SPEND THEIR OWN MONEY TO DO IT.

    You really, really need to calibrated your comparative judgemental valve.

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