Is Mark Neumann a closet Democrat?

The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute has a video up of Mark Neumann when being interviewed outside of the Democratic State Convention in Middleton saying he would limit outside political speech.

Mark Neumann said to the reporters:

“I think they should shut down every outside source of information in this campaign except the candidates themselves…Whether that’s not constitutional so we obviously can’t do that. But if Mark Neumann got to have what he wished, that’s what would happen, sir.”

After listening to this video, you can think Mark Neumann is a closet Democrat by having a stance similar to Chuckie Schumer, Patrick Leahy, and Russ Feingold on campaign finance reform. Neumann’s statement would make Mike Tate smiling proud on campaign finance reform in his corner.  Maybe it shows that we may have Wisconsin’s own “Benedict Arlen” Specter in Mark Neumann.


10 responses to “Is Mark Neumann a closet Democrat?

  1. I’m thinking more along the lines of Charlie Crist.

  2. The way you attempt to tie anything to Mike Tate, even stretching so far as a Republican candidate for governor, is unbelievably creepy.

    Mark Neumann is just running in a primary, for some reason (a general lack of insight, I believe) you fail to recognize that you criticized Democrats for not having a contested primary in the 7th CD, but you are basically calling on Neumann to drop out.

    Definitely a general lack of insight.

    • Jim, the purpose of this post is to show Mark Neumann is a Republican in Name Only and for his positions to restrict political free speech put him in line with the Democrats. This is something Mike Tate would smile about. Nice try Jim, but you are way off on this.

      • So you’re okay with corporations being able to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections?


      • Zach, Neumann’s comments show he is for the restriction of political free speech.

      • Zach don’t forget its both corporations and labor unions that can spend money in independent exependitures to support and oppose candidates. We find it funny that the leff rails on corporations over campaign finance laws despite both corporations and labor unions have been banned on most types of campaign contributions at the state and federal levels. Perfect example of the lefts smoke screen.

  3. I’d say Neumann’s speech makes him all mavericky like John McCain.

    Kyle, you need to realize that one sentence from one wekend doesn’t define a person’s ideology. You can sleep safely under your Toy Story sheets tonight with the knowledge thatMark Neumann is just as crazy Right as he’s always been.

    He still doesn’t believe women have a right to their own health care decisions. He still believes in giving tax dollars to parochial schools and schools for profit. He still doesn’t believe in mass transit.

    He’s just as goofy as Scott Walker, just in a competent, productive way.

    • Mark Neumann is worse as Daniel Bice from the Journal-Sentinel has already exposed him for taking loads of stimulus cash for his green homes and choice schools.

      Add on he supports restricting free speech which is caught on camera, then its more proof Neumann is a RINO and a closet Democrat.

      • Your lack of logic/proof for your claim that “Neumann is a Democrat” is very, very painful. Please try again.

  4. Even if you could prove that Neumann is a bad Republican, Kyle, I don’t think you can prove he’s a Democrat.

    I mean, I can prove that you blog in odd, incomplete sentences. But even I can’t use that evidence to prove that you’re a pine cone. The chain of propositions just doesn’t support it, no matter how much some people believe it.

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