The RGA has a new ad that hits home the truth on Barrett

The good folks at the Republican Governor’s Association  has a new online video that hits home the truth on Tom Barrett, and a warning for Wisconsin Taxpayers.

The new video catches Tom Barrett looking at someones wallet meaning that he will raise your taxes. That is demonstrated by his record that he has raised taxes in the State Legislature, as Milwaukee Mayor, and as a Congressman. If you are a Wisconsin Taxpayer, you should hide your wallet after seeing this ad.  That is because Tom Barrett will be looking for your wallet to fund his sham “Putting Madison on a Diet” plan.  The plan sounds more like Madison using Dunkin’ Donuts to lose weight as a smokescreen to fund its big spending programs.

This is the ad that the Wisconsin Democrats fear seeing.


5 responses to “The RGA has a new ad that hits home the truth on Barrett

  1. The RGA has shown their ineptitude by running ads praising and criticizing Mayor Barrett with the same footage. It’s as if they don’t understand that communication is different in 2010 than it used to be and they believe no one would see their web ad lauding Barrett’s efforts to bring jobs to Milwaukee.

    The RGA looks sill and out of touch with this latest fumble.

  2. I can’t wait to see a fact check from Kyle…

    Also, what happened to taxes while Scott Walker was a state legislator and Milwaukee County Executive?
    Answer: They went up.

  3. Your ad about Tom Barrett (More Taxes Less Jobs) is disgusting and unfair. This is a good man. We’ve stopped watching a lot of our home page’s videos and articles because of it. Either tell the truth or cut it out. You’re doing more damage to your own cause than you realize.

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